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Scott International Vs Minkus Global

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Posted 09/18/2018   8:37 pm  Show Profile Check Stamps1962's eBay Listings Bookmark this topic Add Stamps1962 to your friends list Get a Link to this Message
About a year ago I bought part 1A of the Minkus Global- the Amos reprint. I've placed a couple thousand stamps in it. The original plan was to get part 1B then gradually work toward getting pages to about 1970.

I am still dithering. There are things I like about the Minkus album and some things just bug me It provides worldwide coverage to the mid 50's, far more than I'd get with an International for the same money.

I think I have become used to Scott as my album model. I like their off white cream paper. The bright white paper Minkus uses just bugs me no end. It's not bad when you have a filled page, but to my eyes it has the look of a beginner's album, although it isn't.

This has all be discussed a lot on here. Has anyone else used both systems and if so how would you compare them.
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Posted 09/18/2018   11:40 pm  Show Profile Bookmark this reply Add Jkjblue to your friends list  Get a Link to this Reply

I think I have become used to Scott as my album model. I like their off white cream paper.

Think of the Scott International (Big Blue) as an apple, while the Minkus Global Supreme as an orange.

Each is good (in their own way), but you might prefer one over the other.

Nothing wrong with that - go with your preferences.
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Posted 09/19/2018   2:12 pm  Show Profile Bookmark this reply Add chris2015 to your friends list  Get a Link to this Reply
So, are you saying you are comparing "apples to oranges"?
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Posted 09/19/2018   6:38 pm  Show Profile Bookmark this reply Add dutchman1948 to your friends list  Get a Link to this Reply
I use both and prefer the Minkus for the following reasons.

1, Pre 1940 they hold far more stamps

2. The stamps are in chronological order and not broken down into airmail, postage due, etc all separate. Scott involves a lot more page turning than Minkus, if you are stripping albums.

3. I have Minkus catalogs which are much easier to use than Scott and many of the Minkus pages have numbers to match the catalogs.

4. The Minkus take up less shelf space as well.

My opinions only.

I do however also have the Scott reproduction pages which I use for pre 1940

It is all a matter of choice.
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Posted 09/25/2018   02:25 am  Show Profile Bookmark this reply Add DrewM to your friends list  Get a Link to this Reply
The above summarizes very well the advantages of using the Minkus worldwide pages. I very much prefer Minkus' approach of including more spaces for stamps than the Scott International pages do.

I also much prefer their organizing system which does the far more logical thing of combining all stamps chronologically instead of separating them by type which makes little sense to me. Putting semi-postals and air mails with the other stamps they way they were issued and used at the time makes good historical sense and good design sense, as well, since stamps of the same era often reflect similar design elements. Separating them the way Scott does has never made the slightest sense to me. In all the Scott albums I use, I remove all the semi and air mail pages and put them as close to their proper chronological order as I can manage so the sequence of stamps is the way they were issued and the historical events and stamp designs are where they belong. So there is a way to deal with Scott's strange organizational system even though it's not perfect.

Scott numbers and catalogues are the default today and will always be. Minkus numbers are dead and Minkus catalogues are no longer published. And of course you can't buy stamps with Minkus numbers. So that's a drawback of Minkus.

Shelf space is not an issue for me. I just get more shelves! And I find the enormous size of the Minkus binders almost comical. Ever dropped one? You don't ever want to do that. You'll be in the hospital and your binder will be in bad shape. Aren't the Scott International binders just as large? Well, yes, the large size is. But the other size isn't quite as big, so that's an advantage for the Scott International, in my book. I actually use an alternative binder which Subway Stamp Shop used to sell (no longer unfortunately), a smaller sized binder for the International pages. It's wonderful. Easy to pick up, and so on. It's much more pleasant to use. Scott or someone ought to bring back smaller International binders.

I much prefer the color of the Scott pages. The blazing white of the Minkus pages sears my retinas. I have to turn the lights down. Minkus pages are thinner and more likely to tear than Scott pages -- or at least they used to be. Maybe they've beefed them up lately.

My major complaint, though, about the Minkus global albums is their absurdly over-crammed pages. I had childhood albums that looked just like this with every inch of the page crammed with spaces. I think it's an awful look. I realize some people love the Minkus pages. They find stamps all over the page very appealing. More power to them. But I find them truly awful designs, much too crowded. like the more elegant layouts of the Scott pages.

I wish Scott had included spaces for more stamps -- and that will be the main complaint you hear about their pages. You could use the Vintage Reproduction pages, though, if you want real comprehensiveness (but expensive) and then combine them after 1940 with the regular Scott International pages. But, from about 1950 on, the Scott pages are as complete as Minkus. At about that time, Scott began issuing supplements to their International album for all stamps since all stamps were now commonly available. The rationale for limiting the number of stamps earlier was that many stamps were not commonly available so why include them. After about 1950, Scott pages no longer omit stamps as the did for the earlier years.

I have one (1) Minkus Global album, by the way, but didn't like it enough to buy more. I have 30 volumes (smaller binders remember) of the Scott International which I love.

For missing stamps, I do the obvious -- I add a blank page and mount them there. Easy solution, and if you include a few blank pages for every major country as you put the albums together, you may not even need to add many more later. Some people mount extra stamps in the margins, but I find that too messy unless it's just one or two stamps. And it's mainly for the pre-1940 stamps which with some countries involves relatively few pages compared to later pages. Annoying, yes, but blank pages are my solution.

It sounds to me that you don't like the Minkus album enough to continue with it. I suggest you go with your instincts and switch now to Scott before you mount too many more stamps and have to move them. Both albums have their limitations, as you can see. You just have to decide which ones you can live with. For me, the more elegant look of the Scott International pages wins, but I do understand the organizational appeal of the Minkus albums (which I wish Scott did) and the greater comprehensiveness. But since I've got easy work-arounds for both -- moving pages to where they belong chronologically and adding blank pages -- it's no problem.
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Edited by DrewM - 09/25/2018 02:34 am
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Posted 11/03/2019   1:49 pm  Show Profile Bookmark this reply Add Bujutsu to your friends list  Get a Link to this Reply
Hi All

Does anyone know if there is a listing of 'space' related stamps according to the "Minkus catalogue??

I was given a good deal on a large collection last March. While I do not specialize on space stamps per se, there were a lot of them in this collection. To my consternation, a great deal of them are not listed in the Scott's Catalogues.

Can anyone help??

Thanks a lot

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